Prep time: ten mins |Cooking time: 5 minutes | Servings: 7 

Ingredients :

​1 cup butter 

1 teaspoon minced garlic

1 teaspoon dried oregano 

1 teaspoon dried cilantro 

1 tablespoon dried dill 

1 teaspoon salt

​½ teaspoon ground black pepper 


Set Saute mode and set butter inside Pressure cooker. Add minced garlic, dried oregano, dried cilantro, butter, dried dill, salt, and ground black pepper. Stir a combination well and saute it for 4-5 minutes or prior to butter is melted. Then shut down the cooker and stir the butter well. Transfer the butter mixture on the butter mold and freeze it. 


calories 235, 

fat 26.3, 

fiber 0.2, 

carbs 0.6, 

protein 0.4